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It’s a very well known fact that making a positive first impression is important in business interviews. According to a research, people make up their minds about people they meet for the first time within two minutes. Others assert that these first impressions about people take only thirty seconds to make.

Here are some tips to help you to make a good head start when you have such a short time frame to impress:

Look Fit/Healthy

Very underestimated but important topic is to be in a good shape not only physically but also mentally. This does not mean that you need to be a bodybuilder or Hollywood thin. But you must be healthy enough to look alert, capable, and interested.

Know the Culture

Different industries have different norms. For example, it could be normal to have an interview in a coffee shop for IT sector where wearing an Armani suit to a meeting with a programmer is simply inviting silent ridicule. This also applies with different geographical regions where your interview is. So do your homework before you meet.

Pay Attention to Your Appeareance

Your appeareance is your message that you carry to the other side of the table. Make it clear. People make snap judgments based on clothes, accessories, and more: watches, jewelry, briefcases, makeup, skin tone, facial expression, and so forth. All those together communicates about you to the counter partners.

Make the Best Entrance

People love it when others get happy to see them. So smile. A well measured smile with a firm handshake would be a good start. Complete the triangle with your greeting words. Also it’s important to have an enthusiastic voice which gives some indications about your personality. Be conscious of your body language.

Have a Plan/Agenda/Intention

Being confident leaves a strong and positive impact on the people you meet for the first time. Having a plan helps you to gain this confidence. Being thoroughly prepared creates a poise that silently communicates you’re credible and reliable. Think about what you want to accomplish and how before the interview.

Be interested and interesting

After your first encounter,note the response of the people you’ve just met. Pay attention to facial expressions, statements, and subsequent behavior. Remember the person’s name, and use it when speaking whenever possible. Encourage people to talk about themselves (if there’s the chance).

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