sHR. introduces “Talent Mining”

sHR. revolutionizes IT recruitment:

sHR. believes that the most precious asset of IT industry is "human". We see human as a “value”, rather than a “resource”. Therefore, what we do here is “Talent Mining”.

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Kind Words From Happy Candidates

What other people thought about the service provided by sHR.

sHR. guided me to find the best matching job for my profession & future carrier goals. In my opinion, their professional yet very friendly approach to me gave the opportunity to show my competencies at the very best in each step. The rich interaction with sHR. family cultivates my successful technical interviews at Siemens. I feel very advantageous to meet with sHR. and to have an informative & high quality recruitment process.

I don’t want to mention about sHR’s recruitment and consulting professionalism, their success, etc.  They are really different. I am totally sure, this team members don’t like this job. They LOVE it. And when you talk with them, you will easily understand what I mean. sHR is a perfect company and I know sHR will be the reformer of the IT/ Tech Recruitment in Turkey and in the World…

Having experienced a number of agencies over the years, it was nice to speak to someone who totally understood the position I applied for. The interview process is generally quite long and overwhelming, but sHR. team’s guidance, coaching and great enthusiasm really allowed me to stay motivated throughout the process. They’re organised, knowledgable and passionate. I am truly grateful to have received not just a successful job placement, but also a personal mentor, career advisor and pillar of support.

My first interview with sHR was quite the shock, they were incredibly flexible and did my interview via Skype which is not something I have encountered before with HR professionals. From that moment on, they never stopped surprising and motivating me throughout my recruitment. sHR’s professional and caring attitude, combined with deep HR expertise helped me to land the job I wanted for so long. I felt their complete trust & support every step of the way. sHR delivers dream jobs and I would definitely recommend getting to know them.

I’ve got my job in Germany by the initiative & consultancy of sHR. I’ve got not only a nice job but also a completely new life that I was looking for years. There’ re lots to say about sHR. In short, the words defining sHR. are: “Sincerity with all aspects, open communication, superior matching skills of the job seekers & jobs in terms of talents, requirements & goals, care for you more than you, great responsibility and reliability, deeply experienced in engineering & IT sector, strong technical engineering background.” sHR., thanks a lot for providing me a new career & life.

sHR.’s kind team members offer a job interview within the framework of a friendly conversation constituting a trust in the company even at early stages and providing the accurate transfer of expectations between two sides. Thanks to sHR. for being a performer of this distinctness.

Even in the early stage of our recruitment process, I felt the strength of sHR. It made me feel confident and comfortable during the entire process.  Sincere but professional attitude of sHR’s gentle team members always encouraged and motivated me along my interviews. We celebrated our success together. Even after recruitment, we kept in touch and sustain our good relationship. sHR demonstrated how they are successful in their new field too, in Management Consultancy.

sHR is a consummate professional recruitment agency. During the career opportunity we discussed, sHR were instrumental in supplementing and assisting the process – I was bowled over by the friendly but structural and professional approach. I have no hesitation in recommending sHR to any company looking for a strategic resourcing partner better than the mainstream search firms.

sHR is an exceptional recruitment consultancy company that helps, guides and coaches the candidates during the recruitment process with their overall experience. I’ve had a successful recruitment experience with them and for me, sHR will always be the first place that I consult with regarding my career.

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