sHR. is a boutique HR Consultancy House providing IT recruitment services, especially with software focus, and professional coaching for customers both in Turkey and Europe.

sHR., which stands for Strategic Human Resources, acts as a strategic HR partner for its customers, candidates and coaches by understanding their needs, creating tailor-made solutions and building trustworthy & long-term relationships based on high quality & ethics.

sHR. is the only recruitment consultancy company in Turkey having consultants with engineering or technical background. That’s what makes sHR. special, different and unique in IT Recruitment.

sHR. provides various services that are linked with each other to create optimum value add both for candidates and companies:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Professional Coaching
  • Restructuring  Support

sHR. Consultancy has a vision of being an internationally known IT recruitment company in Turkey with the aim of placing candidates to both local and foreign technology based companies. While doing that, creating unique solutions, quality and business ethics and long-term relations built on mutual  trust are higly valued by us.

Some sHR. Statistics

  • 57% of candidates that are reached by sHR. are integrated into employer’s recruitment process.
  • One of every three candidates that are integrated into employer’s recruitment process via sHR. is employed.
  • Every new open position gets its first candidate interview report in 4 days.
  • Every open position is filled within 4 weeks in average.

To know more about us, listen to the podcast below:

This podcast is recorded live at Open Radio (Açık Radyo), where we were the guest speaker of the “Information Age” program presented by Ersu Ablak. We shared our experiences and ideas about software development, woman software engineers and talent mining in the world and Turkey.