Recruitment Process

Recruitment process consists of different stages where potential candidates are filtered in a very detailed manner to create a perfect match for our clients’ needs.

sHR. has a different and unique approach to the process than mainstream.

The below picture shows how a common understanding of a recruitment process looks like:

Common Understanding of a Recruitment Process


For sHR., the process does not end with the placement. sHR. sees it as continuous cycle:

The “After Placement” step is an important phase in the whole cycle, where both customer’s and candidate’s satisfaction is measured, the feedback analyzed and new improvement actions are defined.


sHR's Recruitment Process

sHR’s Recruitment Process


Analysis of Customer Demand

sHR. starts recruitment process by understanding the clients’ needs. The client shares the requirements for the role and a clarification phase continues regarding qualifications, responsibilities that the role requires. Also specific priority topics are cleared during that phase like foreign language knowledge, technical/technology specific know-how, business approach, etc.

This process is the part where sHR. makes a big difference with its strong technical background which enables parties to communicate with each other easily, effectively and openly.

Searching for Potential Candidates

sHR. takes a different path for gathering potential candidates and not only uses its own job portal ( and others in the internet, but also uses effectively the existing candidate database that has been established in the past 10 years and social networks like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to all, sHR. uses its network in cooperation like universities, other corporate companies and recruitment offices to widen the candidate pool to find the best match.

Looking for candidates is often a costly process with a narrow scope for clients when handled by clients own resources. Partnership with sHR. reduces costs for clients by widening the pool and doing the job with less fixed costs.

Pre-assesment of Profiles

Initially found candidates are called to give brief information about the open position and understand if the candidate is looking for new opportunities. Also expectations of candidates are discussed briefly at this stage just to see if the conditions of the position fit to candidate’s desires.

At this stage, the focus is on the candidate and client requirements about the job. Therefore, client information and the financial details are not considered as a priority.

Interviews with Candidates

sHR. uses different techniques and methods for interviewing candidates that passed pre-assesment step of the process. Although face-to-face approach is the most common and preferable one, video- (via Skype) and teleconference  interviews can be also used for the candidates that are abroad or not available at the desired moment due to various limitations (working hours and location).

Depending on the candidates’ past experiences, interviews can be done either on competency based to evaluate a candidate’s competence, particularly when it is hard to select on the basis of technical merit (e.g. new graduates) or conventionally focusing on questions relating to an applicant’s past or previous industry experience (e.g. senior candidates). In both cases, some technical tests and language proficiency checks (English and German) can be applied where it’s necessary.

All those packed in one interview, sHR. reduces the effort of clients spent evaluating candidates and keeps only higly matching candidates for final interview.

Reporting of Candidates

sHR. provides its clients with detailed interview reports showing the whole skill set of candidates. Remarks linking the competencies of  candidates with requirements of clients makes analyzing profiles easier and enables clients to focus on the most important areas in the final interviews.

Recruitment of Agreed Candidates

After final interview of clients with candidates, clients make their propasal and upon approval by the candidate recruitment process comes to an end. sHR. keep its support for both parities at this stage to make transition process smoother.

Through all this process, sHR. doesn’t charge anything for its clients until the process is finalized and when the position is filled.

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching services starts upon clients’ request and first meeting is done free of charge as a warm up and decision session. If both parties agree to continue further with the sessions, monthly meetings are scheduled with desired venues. sHR. pays huge attention for clients’ privacy and never shares any information regarding the sessions.

Coaching FactsDSC_0058_e

  • Coaching focuses on the present and the future, instead of the past.
  • You are supported on all aspects of your life, both personal and professional, making coaching a holistic experience.
  • You are in charge of creating the agenda for the session. The coach will always hold your agenda through curiosity and listening.
  • Once you discover your own answers, you are guided towards clear action plans.
  • The coach supports you through powerful questions, deep listening, clarifying plans of action, accountability where needed, encouragement and much more.

Coaching supports you to access your own insights and answers and then guides you to make intentional and empowering choices. You let go of what no longer works for you in your life, and grow into the person and life you wish to experience. The ongoing personal nature of the relationship creates sustained, effective and positive life changes.


sHR. services about restructuring are all about helping clients to continue their operations smoothly. When it comes to setting up a new organization, starting a new business, having offshore projects or working abroad, the extensive knowledge and vast experience of sHR. plays an important role.