Istanbul talks about technology

On the 27th of April, as sHR., we were at Istanbul Tech Talks at Kadir Has University to meet with tech enthusiasts. In this conference, the topics in SW Engineering; such as, object oriented function programming, IOS development, android development,  and swift ,a programming language used in IOS and OS X platform developed by Apple as an alternative to Objective-C, were discussed by SW leaders from giant tech companies; such as Facebook, 6wunderkinder, Apple and SoundCloud etc.

At the end of the day, as sHR., we are really impressed with the idea that CTOs or project managers of an organization dare to provide a working environment in which team members feel free to make a development in any programming language they want and to pursuit any technology in their projects. At first, it can be considered as a chaotic working environment and a difficult thing to manage the projects and teams. However, to provide such kind of working atmosphere automatically gives the team members accountability issue, therefore, they can rationally judge their preferences, choices and consequences. Furthermore, the metaphor of “software system should be like biological system” was awesome. Almost all developers hate the idea of rewriting their codes. Therefore, small rewrites are better and fair enough than big rewrites when the SW systems are substantially consolidated beforehand.

We believe that IT recruitment companies should improve themselves in terms of technical competencies and qualifications by attending to such technical conferences and following up the new technologies closely in order to understand the projects in detail and speak the same terminology with IT professionals.

All in all, it was amazing to see that all SW Engineers in Turkey are willing to learn and follow the new technologies and give importance to self-development. We are proud of all!


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