sHR. Consultancy makes its debut on CTI Co-active Magazine

Recently, CTI Co-active magazine has published an article by sHR. professional coach. Internationally known institute’s magazine is known for its coaching specific content from various experts in this area and only delivered to its subscribers. The article is about the life itself linking experiences that we have with the real-time events at the skirts of

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Coaching and Consciousness as a Habit

What does Montaigne say about the philosophy of Socrates “the father of coaching”,  and what does coaching got to do with it? What are the thoughts of Aristo regardingly? All of them are pointing some crucial points of coaching. How can we make conscious choices? How can we integrate consciousness in our daily life? Check the article (in

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sHR. met Computer Engineering Students at ITU

On the 2nd of May, sHR. joined the “Innovation and Technology Management in IT” course at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU). As the guest speakers, sHR. came together with the 4th and 3rd class students at the Computer Engineering Department of the Faculty of Computer and Informatics. With the main focus of innovation, enterpreneurship and

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Being your own Socrates

Everybody knows most of the facts about Socrates but wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet with him in person? When you get professional coaching, it would be more or less the same experience as having talks with Socrates himself, “the father” of coaching. A conversation with Socrates would be based on asking right questions and getting

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Our newly designed web page is up and running! New and Responsive Design With its new design and many features, is now more user-friendly. Its responsive design makes it perfect to be used in different devices like mobile phones, tablets and even on TV browsers. Job Listings Now it’s more than easy to search

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